Okay, these "times in your life" may be a little unexpected but they are extremely powerful (and even scary for me.) I wrote them a while back for my own life but never shared them. They are questions that reveal when things are not okay with our souls even though we have given our lives to ministry.  I think of them as four times when you may not feel a problem even though there is one.

Of course there are many things that need to be done for personal revival, but I thought the best first step is to plan some downtime this next year, if you struggle with any of these scenarios. Get away to reflect and repent and renew if any of these are now true:

#1  When you have not felt broken in your spirit and it doesn’t bother you.
#2  When you think about the Gospel and it doesn’t bring sweetness to your soul.
#3  When you feel like you don’t want to change anything in your life and it doesn’t bother you.
#4  When you don’t have a longing to know at least one person on a deeper level.

May God meet you and strengthen you during this holiday season!