I was recently dialoguing with a very successful pastor about the ten-year vision horizon of the large church he pastors.

He made a striking comment.

"I don't want to coast on original vision."

It made me wonder, how do you know if you might be coasting on a vision that "used to be?"

  1. You use adjectives that position the vision as historical: original, founding, previous, last season, former chapter, etc.

  2. You have increasing realization of how far you God has taken your ministry in the last five or ten years.

  3. You actually feel less excited about a the ideals, aspirations, or pictures of the future you used to have.

  4. People around you express ask more questions about the future and show increasing curiosity for things like clarity.

  5. You don't hear younger generations say anything that resembles the vision as it was previously expressed.

  6. You have updated your campus or changed your key players once or twice without revisiting the vision.

Topics: Date: Aug 1, 2011 Tags: church seasons / church vision / life stage / vision drift