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This is great little Gospel Coalition video with Darrin Patrick and Ray Ortlund. They introduce the concept of how we can "fake God's work." Here are a few quotes:


  • Simplicity is biblical

  • Some churches need to, in repentance, deconstruct what they have become

  • When the Lord is at work, you don’t need heavy programs

  • Church is so crowded that vision is lost and quietness before the Lord is lost

  • Busyness can be equated with importance, but that’s not the way of the kingdom


  • Our great temptation is to keep people happy

  • Much of what we do is in response to the voice of people or the voice of God

  • New ministries walk through a filter: vision, values, strategy and “wiff test”

Topics: Date: Nov 8, 2012 Tags: church strategy / CHURCH UNIQUE / positive no / simple church