The next couple of days I will be working with leaders from the Evangelical Free Church of America. Whenever working with a network or denomination, clarity and vision start with understanding the "founding charism" or group grace of the movement. Steve Addison does a wonderful job of co-opting this term from the Catholics and using it to define all movements. Here are some quotes from his book, Movements that Change the World:
Christianity is a movement of movements- monasticism, evangelicalism, and Pentecostalism, to name a few. These movements can find expression in movement organizations such as mission agencies and denominations.

Each new movement has a unique contribution to make to the kingdom- its “founding charism” or gift of grace.

Three movement factors enable a movement to maintain a strong commitment to its cause: founding charism, alignment and movement tension.

Founding charism: unique identity and calling  To survive, every living thing is both constantly changing and constantly remaining the same. If an organism doesn’t do both, it ceases to exist. Living organisms are constantly seeking self renewal by referring back to their essential identity and adapting to their environment. Likewise, movements must adapt to their changing environment while remaining true to their identity.

Effective movements know who they are. The know their founding charism and safeguard it over time. Their methods may change, but the cause never does. A clear identity and agenda for change create a tension between the ideal promoted by a movement and current reality.

I love the idea of "Founding Charism" - its simple the way of saying Movement Unique instead of Church Unique. 

But here is the challenge. Most leaders who are a part of a network or denomination do not clearly lead from or toward the group's core identity. If you don't believe me go ahead and ask someone. Start with yourself. 

I highly recommend Steve's book!