It has been a joy to serve Oak Hills Church in San Antonio on two occasions. The first was during the transition year of Max Lucado stepping into a teaching minister role as the church found a new senior minister. Eventually the church brought Randy Frazee from Willow Creek. The second season was this last fall helping the core staff hone the articulation and sharpen the attunement of the vision.

I speak often of the Vision Frame but only illustrate it sporadically because I am amazed at how quickly people bypass process by photocopying product. Here is the Oak Hills Vision Frame.


We are the body of Christ, called to be Jesus in every neighborhood in San Antonio and beyond


  • Unity
  • Inclusiveness
  • GTF (Grace, Truth, & Faith)
  • Prayer
  • Every believer is a minister
  • Family
  • Neighborhood


  1. Realize Each Environment (there are 4 environments)
  2. Engage Where You Are (there are 3 levels of depth for each environment)


  • Belong 4 (4- environments: campus, area, neighborhood and community)
  • Grow 30 (10- Think Like Jesus, 10- Act Like Jesus, 10- Be Like Jesus)
  • Serve All/Everywhere

I have not detailed content for these Vision Frame "handles." Essentially the beauty and uniqueness of the frame entails not going to another time and place at church but engaging a concentric circle  of community that exists automatically. In other words, each person already belongs to four "places." You engage your campus weekly for worship, your "area community" quarterly, your neighborhood monthly and your family daily.

My favorite part of the vision is the emphasis on the monthly neighborhood gathering which is both missional and inclusive in its design.

The Mission Measure is a slight rewording of the 30 Core Competencies developed while Randy was at Pantego Bible Church and published as the Christian Life Profile. Be looking for the re-release of this content as the "30 Big Ideas"