Last week during my friends change of command ceremony near Seattle, I marveled at the connection between the highly disciplined environment of the military and the practice of clarity. Think about it for a moment-in the military clarity is everywhere:

  • The mission is always crystal clear

  • There is a ton of communication before and after any initiative (after action review)

  • Lines of authority are unmistakable

  • A person's accomplishments, time and experience are worn on their sleeve, literally

  • Lots of attention goes into training and technology for communication

  • Maintaining clarity requires a whole new world of vocabulary

  • Expectations and role descriptions for each individual are always reviewed

  • There is never a moment without total accountability to what is made clear

At one point I almost began weeping.  As I immersed myself in a day of military culture, I couldn't believe the sheer discipline of clarity that we exercise on behalf of our great country, in contrast to how little we achieve as leaders within God's eternal kingdom.

Here is the mission of the squadron I was with: To provide combatant commanders with a fully combat ready strike group, capable of prompt and sustained operations across the full spectrum of naval operations anywhere in the world.

During the ceremony the three core values of the Navy were not only passionately conveyed by the four leading officers, they were demonstrated throughout the ceremony.  For example, one aspect of the core value of "honor" is articulated as "We also honor the sacrifices our families and loved ones make to support us in our call of duty. During the ceremony, Hunter's wife, mother and two daughters were lavishly honored with generous bouquets from the Navy. The moment reflected the value wonderfully. The other two values are courage and commitment.
Topics: Date: Jul 9, 2009 Tags: military clarity / mission clarity / navy / Values