A friend of mine and visionary leader, Jeff Meyer of The Church, just passed on this video with a note that said, "What an example of great vision casting - Oh, that we might learn to communicate our life-saving message with such CREATIVITY!"  

In Church Unique, I cover the integration principle, "Grab attention or hold nothing." According to studies as reported in the book, The Attention Economy, there are four primary factors for getting attention. I immediate thought of these four things as I watched this video.

Four Keys to Really Get Attention

  1. Is the communication personalized?

  2. Is the communication coming from a trustworthy source?

  3. Is the communication brief?

  4. Is the communication emotional?

In the case of this video, it is not necessarily personalized, but it does feel very personal. The trustworthiness of the source is carried by the quality production and the "embrace life" message and logo. The brevity and emotion of the piece are stunning.

Try using these four criteria for your ministry communication initiatives. 
Topics: Date: May 20, 2010 Tags: attention economy / Jeff Meyer / LifeLifeTogether.com / The Church