As promised in my last post, I am interrupting the series on the 7 Essential Life Design Skills so you can now download my new eBook about finding the One Thing you're called to do. This book covers four practices I have used and taught to find and align your vocational vision. The Clarity Spiral also happens to be the first master tool in a Personal Vision Journey offered through Life Younique, a training company that brings gospel-centered life design to people through certified coaches in the local church.

I want to take this moment to thank you for being a blog reader. As always, new content comes to you first. If you have already been through the Younique Experience, you will find totally new content in this book. If you are signed up to go through in 2019, these books will soon come with our kit.

You can also purchase Clarity Spiral in paperback and on Kindle from Amazon.

In addition, if you are interested in a Younique small group experience you can purchase the Younique 6-Week Primer, by Dave Rhodes, the cofounder of Younique.

Enjoy your FREE book!

I would love to learn a little more about you as you download the book so I have included some optional information like the decade you were born, and whether or not you work as a church staff. Again, these are optional.

Download Your FREE Clarity Spiral eBook

Check out some of the chapters below!!!

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