What is the Future Church book all about? It’s the most powerful playbook I know of for the post-COVID-disruption reality for church leaders. And I don’t say that lightly.

Even though I didn’t know that 2020 would disrupt our normal rhythms and patterns as much as it did, I wouldn’t change a word of Future Church based on how we’ve seen in-person attendance change and program-based strategies removed from the table.

The trends related to decreasing in-person attendance were not created by the COVID disruption, but they were drastically accelerated. The future has come rushing forward into the present. I don’t want churches to be stuck in the strategies and paradigm of the past—that just means they’re doing ministry for a culture that no longer exists.

Future Church provides a framework from which you can pivot your church away from an over-reliance on programs (especially those programs based on in-person attendance) toward a better future. To be clear—I’m NOT recommending that you do away with all of your programs! And I’m certainly not recommending you give up on weekly worship gatherings.

I AM suggesting that we need to reimagine those programs in light of the COVID disruption and at the same time, develop new strategies for disciple-making.

You can purchase Future Church on Amazon here.

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