I am grateful for Eric Geiger, and how he can help your church. As the co-author of Simple Church, Eric and Thom Rainer's writing has had a significant impact on the church in North America.

But Eric is not an author first, but a leader. He was navigated growth from 1200 to over 6000 in worship attendance at Christ Fellowship in Miami as an executive pastor. In addition to his primary work at Christ Fellowship, Eric now serves as a navigator with Auxano. Imagine spending 6-9 months with a ministry design coach like Eric! Here is a post on his blog where he tells his story. As you check out his story, here is an insight into his thinking at Christ Fellowship. The tool is called the Strategy Book- check it out.

Though God has taken us on distinct journeys, Will Mancini and I share common passions birthed from similar God-given burdens. We long for churches to understand their unique identity so they can most effectively bring transformation to their communities, believe a church must be absolutely clear on mission and strategy, and abhor complex programming and directionless sub-ministries that pull a church in a plethora of contradicting directions.

While Will has pleaded with leaders to not settle for “photo-copied” vision, I have challenged leaders to be careful of a “schizophrenic” direction that results from multiple yet varying philosophies that subtly but inevitably erode at the power of a single direction. In other words, we have shared essentially the same message.

Will founded and leads Auxano (from the Greek word which means growth) to help church leaders navigate growth. I am excited to be a part of the incredible team as a “navigator.” On my “day off” from Christ Fellowship, I come alongside a church leadership team once a month for a 6-9 month process to bring clarity around mission, values, and strategy. I am currently in month three of the journey with a great church outside of Philadelphia. The content and insight we provide through Auxano, I believe, is also making be a better leader for my context. So I am very grateful.

Because of my primary role at Christ Fellowship, my time is very limited and I will only be working with a select few churches a year.

If you are a senior/lead or executive pastor who would like more info about working with Eric, email me here.