Over the last fifteen years, by God's grace and through difficult decisions, I have created my dream job. Yes, it is very possible. And yes, if I won the lottery tomorrow, I would not change how I work. When you find your dream job, you leave others wondering whether you are at work or at play. Sound good? Consider these observations and actions.

#1 Most dream jobs are created, not found.

Observation: Your dream job probably doesn't exist right now. Action: Resolve to create, not find, your true, sweet-spot fit.

#2 Most people could care less about your dream job.

Observation: People will always want you to do something for them that is not your dream job. Action: Think beyond the expectations and limited imaginations of others and beyond existing job categories.

#3 Most individuals live with a projection of their dream job that does not precisely align with what they would really love.

Observation: Thoroughgoing self awareness is rare. Action: Embrace a journey of self-examination amidst diverse experiences knowing that both successes and failures are a great asset to clarity.

#4 Drivenness to create your dream job must be tempered with contentment in any job.

Observation: People with something to prove (unhealthy ambition) or something to loose (fear) will never find their dream job. Action: Never stop applying the gospel to your heart, so that your pursuit of a dream job is a response to God's grace not a pursuit of self-righteousness.

#5 The most important wisdom on your dream job path is usually free.

Observation: There is someone closer to your dream job than you are, and they are usually willing to talk. Action: Pursue the people who can add value, open doors, and share wisdom to guide your steps. You won't believe what will happen if you dare to ask.

#6 The biggest steps toward your dream job, require stepping away from really good jobs.

Observation: Most people's addiction to "good" prevents them from discovering the "best."  Action: Jump at the right time and be prepared for a risk-step that will always present an element of faith.

#7  Never stop dreaming and taking the initiative.

Observation: Dream jobs never come to those who quit dreaming. Action: Let each dream-idea birth new action steps and each action step birth new dream-ideas.

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