I am excited to announce the promotion of what has been a "underground marketing team" for the last seven years. Auxano Design is a group of creatives who are dedicated to communicating your vision visually.

In addition, I am pleased to announce that Steve Finkel has joined the Auxano team to champion Auxano Design's unique approach. Steve brings a great deal of experience and creativity in church branding and communications. With Auxano he will both lead navigate and represent our design services with new and potential ministries.

Over  the last seven years Auxano has helped many influential churches with brand development, guidelines and communications.  It was always "under the radar" because we did not want to eclipse our vision work and "clarity first."  Essentially our team only worked with churches who had gone through our Vision Pathway process. Now, having firmly established our brand in the vision and clarity space, Steve will take Auxano Design to the next level with on-site assessments, communications strategy and coaching.

If you would like to know more you can start a conversation at Auxano Design