How do you present a church vision? The answer is simple: Everyday

No doubt many of you are thinking about vision at the dawn of 2010. So I would invite you to reconsider vision delivery in 2010.

This post is a follow-up from Drip Vision Today.  The post recommended 5 things you can do in less than 5 minutes to communicate your vision in practical ways.  It led to some interesting conversations that I think present one of the most dynamic opportunities for the art of vision casting- open source vision casting.

Here is my story and my invitation. The day I wrote the Drip Vision Today post, I had a few spare minutes in the airport, and came up with five ideas relatively quickly. I then encouraged you to write your own little nugget:

  • What is simple way you can drip vision right now?

  • How can you re-communicate today, the things that matter most to someone else; a team, the church, or to yourself?

  • Think daily, think practical, think viral.

  • Think of vision casting in tennis shoes, not coat and tie.

  • Think of a vision moment today, not a vision night once a year

What if just 100 people share 5 of their best ideas.  What about 1000 people sharing 5 ideas? Why shouldn't we have thousands of ideas at our disposal from people across the globe? Imagine kingdom folks helping other kingdom folks uncork their biggest and best ideas. Imagine releasing vision from our "stuck on paper" practices to culture-shaping, life-giving moments that flow like a stream through daily ministry.  The rest of us need the immediate ideas that are coming to your mind right now as your read this post.

Here's how to do it.  Using twitter, share your idea for dripping vision or a positive experience dripping vision using the #visiondrip hashtag.

Stevie Dunn was the first off the line to use #visiondrip. Thanks Stevie!
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