We’re just weeks away from my new book, Younique, being available everywhere! It’s hard to believe that this journey I’ve been on for 10+ years is coming to fruition. I’m humbled and excited to see how God uses it to bring the freedom of personal clarity to thousands of followers of Jesus.

For most people, understanding and walking through the tools in the Younique book is a project that takes weeks … or even months. It requires consistent discipline to see it through, and the results are powerful.

But there is another way—a way to jumpstart the Younique journey and go through the entire process in just 4 days. It’s called the Younique Accelerator.

The 4-Day Accelerator is an intensive experience that accelerates breakthrough. The entire journey, all 24 sessions, are covered in this 4-Day group experience. Skilled facilitators and trained table coaches guide your journey as you begin to discover and name your special assignment from God.

Some church leaders choose an Accelerator to experience it for themselves, gather perspective on how Younique can be an effective disciple-making process in their context, and receive coaching on how to bring Younique back to their church, school or organization.

Individuals choose an Accelerator for many different reasons, including when faced with timely questions. Big questions are answered, rhythms are formed for a life full of productivity and replenishment. You can enjoy personal clarity in only a few days.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

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One of my greatest joys in recent years has been to witness firsthand the freedom and clarity that people discover during an Accelerator. Here are just a few things we’ve heard participants say.

“The Younique experience bridged the gap between who I am and who God has called me to be. I now live with confidence knowing God created me on purpose, and I look forward to living out my specific purpose every day.” —Jeff J., 40-something
“As a senior pastor of thirty years, the week I went through a Younique Accelerator was the best week of my life.” —Ken W., 60-something
“As a professional in transition, Younique provided great clarity for my next career decision. Not only did it help me to articulate my calling, it highlighted roles in my life that had been neglected.”—Liz H., 40-something
“Previously I struggled with the feeling that I have a professional calling and a personal calling, and they were constantly at odds. Younique gave me tools and strategies to look at myself and ask the Lord what I am called to do all the time and everywhere, at work and at home. I can stop trying to be someone I’m not!”—Elise B., 30-something

You were born an original. Don't die a carbon copy.

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I could go on and on with these quotes—we’ve got hundreds of them!

2020 is the perfect year to pursue personal clarity. As we launch into a new decade, make the commitment to live with a purpose and focus that flows from God’s special assignment for you.

The Accelerator is a great way to do that … and we have dates coming up in January! Visit the Younique website to find out more or to register today!

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