I am working with a small group of church consultants and thought leaders from different disciplines to integrate learnings from "movement phenomenology" into how we think and help the local church. The group is called "Future Travelers" and Alan Hirsch is leading our process. 

Below are links to other encounters I have had with Alan and some new nuggets from today:

  • Alan's primary thesis: Every believer contains within themselves the potential for world transformation.

  • Our goal is that every believer is a church planter and every church a church planting church

  • Are we in the "people of God mode" or "professional mode?"

  • How can you improve on Jesus' plan of discipleship? He said, "Die."

  • If we don't get Jesus right, we create a toxic system, that produces toxic people.

  • If you want to reproduce, you have got to be "reproduce-able."

  • With disciples you can go places, with consumers you can't.

  • We must act our way into a new way of thinking not vice versa.

  • We engaging a people group, we can't preempt the gospel with our version of church (structure).

  • The church is a "scratch and sniff" experience of the Kingdom.

  • Incarnation is how the God engaged the world. He doesn't overwhelm us, he invites us.


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Here is the video from the Verge Conference on the six ingredients:

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