Innovating Discipleship Icon by Will ManciniYou may have seen my new book, Innovating Discipleship, that some of our delivery systems at Auxano have launched into social media. Now I am introducing it on the blog with lots of free content. But let's get started with the first review that came out on Amazon. Many Thanks to Ryan Charest, a pastor  at NorthPoint Christian Church, for his review:
Need to Have Different Outcomes at Your Church...Must Read

I have always enjoyed Will Mancini's books. He has a great mind of drawing out information and guiding you to make a change in the local ministry you are in.In this book he takes a look at why churches do what they do. It is to have more people on Sunday mornings or to challenge them to reach out to their neighbors?  So what does your church really want to accomplish? Mancini share's 4 different approaches to get different results in the life of your church. I feel it was a great read for any ministry or overseer in the church today. You may find that you don't want to change anything or need to change a ton, but this short read will ask you questions that will help you understand steps you may need to take.

Also, many thanks to pastors and friend for the shouts on twitter like these...

Innovating Discipleship on Twitter


I hope you get a chance to check it out. To make sure the read is worth your while, go here to download the first four chapters for free.

In addition, I would love your help getting the word out on this as the first book in our Church Unique Intentional Leaders Series.  To the first 20 of my blog readers who also have blogs of their own, I am offering a 6-pack copy of Innovating Discipleship, AND a free copy of every other book that comes out in the series, if you do a feature post on the book.  (The next book to come out is Your Volunteers, by Chris Mavity, releasing later this month.) Just send an e-mail with a link to the post to Tessy@Auxano-dot-com along with your mailing address. Or, you can put the link in the comments section of the blog.