I look forward to #Exponential every year. Why? Because it brings together over 5000 church leaders - thought leaders, planters and those in the trenches who gather to share and encourage.

SIFTED is the theme of this year’s conference.

What does it mean to be sifted?  The Exponential conference leaders put it this way, “Every ministry leader has a unique story of being sifted, the seemingly painful process through which we face trials that result in us being broken and refined, strengthened and restored.”

How does personal and organizational clarity fit with the Sifted them? You might be surprised. I have found that the most painful periods in my life were also the most significant clarifiers for personal and ministry vision. I talk about this, for example, in God's Vision vs. Your Projection.

If you have not signed up yet, why not join me along with my Auxano teammates in Orlando.  In our workshops, we will share our personal experiences and stories of being sifted - and how clarity can provide insight and direction for your journey.  Some of the Auxano team that will be there include  Jim Randall, Jeff Harris, Dave Saathoff, Bryan Rose, and Chris Willard. These guys are amazing and have some incredible stories.

To kick it off I will be offering one of the pre-conference intensives Monday afternoon, April 23 and Tuesday morning April 24:  Church Unique:  How Organic Vision Shapes Cultures and Creates Movement.

Then Tuesday through Thursday, Auxano will host the Intentional Leadership Workshop Track - with categories that include:  personal vision, ministry design, team leadership, funding and resourcing, communication and more.

It will be a great time of connecting, learning and understanding how God uses seasons of Sifting.  We hope to see you there.