Before engaging this post, please know that I want you to reach as many people as possible with the gospel of Jesus for the Glory of God.  The challenge is simply a matter of how. Here is the Tribes quote I would like you to consider:

Almost all growth that’s available to you exists when you aren’t like “most people” and when you work hard to appeal to folks who aren’t “most people.”

We often talk about the downside of trying to be "all things to all people" through an organizational approach to ministry that leaves us "nothing to anybody."

Seth Godin introduces another way of looking at the same tension, by using the phrase "most people." In a nutshell he shares that tribes have dramatic results when stop trying to reach "most people" and can focus on their strength, their niche and their unique vision.  

Even strategic church leaders can slip into a subtle desperation of wanting to reach "most people" and miss the opportunity to leverage their strengths to reach more people. Again we run into the dynamic, counter-intuitive principle that focus expands. 

Its that simple - do you want to reach "most people" or more people? 

  • How are the people in the community God has given you to reach not like "most people?"
  • How are you and your team not like "most people?"
  • How does your ________________ limit you from reaching "most people?"  Insert in blank: Church building (or lack of), programs, worship style, denomination, etc.
  • Look at the ministry of Jesus.  Was he always trying to reach "most people?"
  • Consider the four Gospels. Why are there four? Was each one written to "most people?"
  • How would you summarize the people you are best at reaching with five words? 

Note: Some of these questions are not easy and may lead to very robust conversations. Engage the dialogue and work through to clarity.