There is a great line up of places to meet and get down and dirty with clarity. Here is where I will be hanging out and speaking in the next several weeks:

Verge in Austin is Happening NOW. This is the first conference to focus on Missional Communities. It sold out around 2000 folks. The good news is that you can attend the conference via live feed. Sign-up here. Why Verge?

  • #1 Missional Communities are the next thing. We've gone from "mega" to "multi" to "micro"

  • #2 Austin is a great town. (Especially for those who are truly free in Christ.)

  • #3 This huge meet-up will be an inspirational high

If you want to meet there I will be coming late and staying over Sunday and Monday to spend time with Alan Hirsch with some other thought leaders. 

The following week you might want to check out the Conference in Atlanta. Why do I look forward to this conference each year?

  • #1 Sean Lovejoy, David Putnam and company host a great event with focused content.

  • #2 The vibe is real and raw- You've  gotta love the guts it took to plant a church in Andy Stanely's backyard. You've gotta respect their results.

  • #3 Mt. Lake Church and Auxano are partnering to launch an Atlanta based co:Lab 

I look forward to seeing your there. I will be speaking twice on Tuesday and hosting a lunch if you're interested in the Vision co::Lab

One March 3rd, Leadership Network is bringing their next online conference experience to the masses. This time its called "Aha!"  Why attend Aha!

  • #1 It's totally free and you get to learn from comfort of home!

  • #2 40 Aha moments all delivered under six minutes

  • #3 Fresh voices will be highlighted, so get off the rock-star train. 

For Aha! I submitted one of my own stories entitled, "How a Funnel Changed My Life."

While these are the next three, there are many others coming in the next few months where I would love to connect! More on these to come. 

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