It's amazing how God revels in bringing great ideas, inspiring moments and life-changing direction from very humble, ordinary circumstances. Think about:

  • Moses... It was a regular day tending the  flock. He wasn't waiting for a burning bush.

  • Nehemiah... It was a normal day of serving the King, when his brother brought a report. He wasn't planning to rebuild a city.

  • Peter... It was an average day of fishing on the lake. He wasn't anticipating a career change.

  • Paul... It was a road like any other, this one headed toward Damascus. He wasn't expecting a bright light.

In a recent book and companion mini-films entitled Sun Stand Still, Steven Furtick, pastor of Elevation Church, describes these kinds of God-moments as a Page 23 Vision. It's a fun and sticky way to describe this pattern of God's calling.  It's his story of reading the book, Fresh Wind Fresh Fire, at his breakfast table as a junior high student, when God put an unshakable idea in his heart. He encourages listeners to look for God's voice and prompting in the everyday moments. I hope you enjoy the video and reflecting on your own journey.

What is your Page 23 Vision? Where did it start?