In December of 2020, the Future Church Company is celebrating a milestone with the Vision Frame while releasing the next master tool for pastors to use every day.

In 2012 our team (Auxano at the time) dreamed about reaching 20% of evangelical church teams, estimated at 40,000 teams. And guess what? By God’s grace and because of your intentionality as a church leader, we succeeded. 40,000 teams have said, “No,” to photocopied vision and declared their own unique disciple-making mission and model.

But the movement that Jesus started is still breaking forth in the minds of church leaders, in the life of disciples and in the organizational make-up of churches across the country. That’s why I couldn’t be more excited about the release of Future Church and the next big master tool—Funnel Fusion.

In another recent post, I go into more detail about the shifts or switches I believe pastors need to make in our current cultural moment and why. For now, I just want to introduce you to the new picture (or what I call a master tool) from Future Church called Funnel Fusion.

This video gives a good overview of the tool.

I’ll be sharing more about Funnel Fusion in the days, weeks, and months to come. We’re already seeing churches across the country reimagine what’s next for their disciple-making strategies based on this simple-yet-profound picture.

For now, though, I’d recommend pre-ordering Future Church here. It will provide great reading material for the holidays … and infuse more energy, momentum, and clarity into your strategic planning for 2021.

Topics: Date: Nov 27, 2020 Tags: future church book / Future Church / Funnel Fusion