This post continues a series where I am using the "lens of clarity" to look at 11 talks from the The NINES online conference by Leadership Network.

In this post, Jonathon Falwell pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church, discusses how clarity can release your personal calling.

Problem: You will never fulfill you vision if you are copying someone else.

Here are some of my highlights:

  • I was studying hundreds of perspectives and models

  • I was getting confused about the direction I should take

  • I was trying to adapt other models

  • I thought that to be successful I had to take all of the best practices of other churches and put them in place here

  • The most important lesson I learned as a new senior pastor: God created me and called me to be me

  • Realize that if God placed you where you are than no one can do a better job in that place

  • When I quite trying to be like someone else I was free to focus like never before