When is the last time a pastor asked you about your Life Plan?

Younique launches this week as a new training company that brings a simple and powerful Life Plan experience to believers everywhere. It's not just a brand new life planning process. It's the first personal calling and life visioning experience for the church, thru the church to release the church. 

After a decade-long journey and several beta arounds, the toolbox is ready to roll.  Why so long you wonder? The answer is simple–break-thru. I didn't want another workbook to clutter our desks. It didn't want to lead people to list so many goals that they would all be rendered useless. The simple fact is that most Life Plan products don't work. And none are gospel based from the ground up. That's why we say that Younique is:

  • Break-thru built
  • Gospel-grounded
  • and Vocationally targeted

What does "break-thru" really mean? It means that you discover patterns and potential that change the trajectory of your life. It means that you name what God put you on earth to do. It means creatively imagining where God is taking your life and prioritizing singular goals to get there. It' all about traction: deep reflection that leads to meaningful new action. 

You already know what break-thru doesn't mean. That's when you attend a class or read a book and get more information with no transformation. It's easy to find new ideas that tickle your mind but don't re-train your feet. I call it a Life Plop, not a Life Plan.

The classic problem is that most life plans don't take into account your life and are so complicated that it's impossible to actually follow. As a case in point, consider Michael Hyatt's book published this year entitled,  Living Forward. Because he is a platform building master, he sold lots of books. But did his readers experience lots of break-thru? I doubt it. While the book provides plenty of positive encouragement, the step-by-step guide leads you to an impossibly complex plan (at least for 98% of the population.) For example, Rachel's Life Plan in the appendix, overflows with over 50 content pieces including nine separate purposes, nine separate visions and umpteen commitment goals. How would you like to wake up the next day with 50 new gauges on your life's dashboard?

Have you heard the saying that it's simple to make things complex, but it's complex to make things simple? That's why Younique was 10 years in the making. I wasn't  creating a product, I was testing for break-thru. I didn't want anything less for you. That required solving several major challenges over the years...to be unpacked at a later time.

Break-thru means that you really  name what God put you on earth to do.

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So What is The Younique Life Plan?

It's the combination of a personal Vision Frame (4 ideas to declare your identity) and a personal Horizon Storyline (4 ideas to define your future). For example, what is known as "mission" on the Vision Frame is now your personal LifeCall. Imagine being able to name what only you can do on planet earth with your LifeCall statement!

Some of you used me or another Auxano navigator to lead your church's Vision Framing process. Many of you follow this blog. You will certainly recognize these two master tools of my life's work in organizational consulting. Now these tools work beautifully for personal application. Again, I will unpack more later.

How do You Build a Younique Life Plan?

The plan itself is developed through what we all the "Personal Vision Journey." The primary delivery system is through the church. That's why I'm ready to talk with interested churches about being the designated Younique provider in their local community. Church leaders get certified as Younique Coaches, and then offer the Personal Vision Journey through the church to their leaders, attenders and members.

But there is good news! Since it will take a while for churches across the country to get trained up, we have immediate opportunities for individuals to take the Personal Vision Journey through intensives (3-days) or through a virtual cohort (12 weeks). Read more about them. We have four intensives coming up (Nov., Dec. and Jan.)  and two virtual cohorts launching in January 2017.

In the end, know that you inspired this massive life project! Countless leaders over the years have asked me about the application of my ideas to their personal lives. The time has come and the toolbox is finally ready. So let's get some personal calling break-thru!

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