For a decade I have averaged a new conversation a day with a church leaders about vision. Yesterday, I talked with a fast growing church of 2000 in northern CA. The day before, I spent 2 hours with another fast growing church of 1200 in Houston. The day before I talked with plateaued churches in the Lutheran and Methodist tribe.

Over time, my calling has shifted to guiding one church at a time through the visioning process to creating tools to help all pastors and leaders rethink vision. The starting point for "rebooting the hard drive" on vision is the problem of "unoriginal sin," the title chapter that opens Church Unique. In that chapter I identify six Thinkholes as outlined in the chart below. The price of being stuck in a Thinkhole, is missing the unique calling and beautiful potential that God is raising up in each local body of believers.  

A thinkhole represents the quicksand-like dynamic where vibrant thinking gets sucked beneath the surface to suffocate and disappear from view.  I often imagine that Indian Jones-like scene where every second matters in escaping the devouring quicksand. Use the chart below as evaluation tool with your team (A rating scale is in the first column.) If you haven't yet, consider grabbing a copy of Church Unique.