If you write anything serious you know how many words you are using.

  • Ben Arment just blogged that he writes 2500 words a week 

  • Alan Hirsch e-mailed me today mentioning that his new book is at 87,000 words

  • I am now finishing an article for OUTREACH that is targeted at 1600 words

Great visionaries count words too. More importantly, they know how to increase the "weightiness" of each syllable. Next time you are putting some important thoughts together try a little technique I call, "weighing your sentences."  Do a word count on your key ideas, your major points and perhaps your entire delivery, one sentence at a time. Move toward clarity and brevity using vivid and compelling language. Then do it again. Then again. 

Take for example, two appeals with an equal word count.  Imagine a pastor standing up to cast a vision toward involvement in a small group.

 Appeal #1:

"We have found that people really need and benefit from the opportunity to develop deeper relationships"

 Appeal #2:

"Have you ever considered who will be at your funeral and not looking at their watch?"

Here is an excerpt from Church Unique on the differences between these two sentences:

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