Steven Barr attended our Houston Vision co::Lab last year. As a gifted worship leader, Steven's passion is to start a new church in San Antonio that would effectively reach the unique creative community of the city. 

With a keen eye for all things vision, Steven sent me this little snippet from the book, Walt Disney – An American Original (Pg.246-247)  Evidently this is his original pitch to bankers before Disneyland was built. 

 The idea of Disneyland is a simple one. It will be a place for people to find happiness and knowledge.

It will be a place for parents and children to share pleasant times in one another’s company: a place for teachers and pupils to discover greater ways of understanding and education. Here the older generation can recapture the nostalgia of days gone by, and the younger generation can savor the challenge of the future. Here will be the wonders of Nature and Man for all to see and understand.

Disneyland will be based upon and dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and hard facts that have created America. And it will be uniquely equipped to dramatize these dreams and facts and send them forth as a source of courage and inspiration to all the world.

Disneyland will be something of a fair, an exhibition, a playground, a community center, a museum of living facts, and a showplace of beauty and magic.

It will be filled with the accomplishments, the joys and hopes of the world we live in. And it will remind us and show us how to make those wonders part of our own lives.

As you read this, what strikes you about the effectiveness of this snapshot of the future?  

How could this bold dream inspire your own bold dreams for what God is doing in your ministry?  

Whether asking for funding or not, who do you need to "drip vision" to this week?