One of Auxano's navigators, Rich Kannwischer, just sent me this quote from Mother Teresa. We always talk about how unlocking the future is about going deeper with who we already are and what we already have. To understand how much a quote like this means to the Auxano team,you will enjoy Rich's e-mail subject line, "How can I not send you this quote." It needs no further introduction.

In our efforts to listen to God's words to us, we often neglect what might be called his "first word" to us. This is the gift of ourselves to ourselves: our existence, our nature, our personal history, our uniqueness, our identity. All that we have, and indeed, our very existence, is one of the unique and never-to-be-repeated ways God has chosen to express himself in space and time. Each of us, because we are made in God's image and likeness, is yet another promise that he has made to the universe that he will continue to love it and care for it. (Mother Teresa, Leadership, Vol. 10, no. 4)

Rich is the new Senior Pastor of one of the Presbyterian church's great pulpits- Saint Andrew's Presbyterian Church, in Newport Beach, CA. Read about Rich's experience prior to taking the helm of of Saint Andrews here.

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