I just finished a great day with the Faithbridge team and the folks at Granger Community Church in South Bend, IN. The team is made up of humble and leadership-savvy folks who serve the broader church through great coaching and content. The list includes, Tim Stevens, Kem Meyer, Mark BeesonMark Waltz and a ministry called WiredChurches.com

On the plane out, I reread Kem Meyer's book, Less Noise. Less Clutter. It's a unique book on church communication with practical insights, illustrations, humor and lots of juicy bullet lists. Here are some thoughts on "Nobody's Listening:"

  1. People aren't open to your change prescription

  2. People aren't motivated by your need

  3. People don't know who you are

  4. People multi-task and can't remember squat

  5. People are turned off by lack of preparation

  6. People relate when you talk about them or people like them

  7. People feel left out and frustrated when you use insider language

  8. People are not impressed with your technical language or holy dialect