Dear Friends (May 12, 2023),

We are pleased to announce that Will Mancini has completed the process of restoration to ministry. We affirm the ministry restoration journey of Will Mancini, who has submitted to the authority and guidance of our team for over one year. As a team, we unreservedly affirm and endorse Will's restoration to ministry. We are proud of the progress he has made and look forward to seeing him serve with excellence and integrity in the future.

In April 2022, Will submitted himself to a robust process of accountability and restoration led by PastorServe, an experienced ministry that has led numerous restoration processes. Throughout this journey, we have witnessed Will's unwavering commitment to learn and exercise humility. He has demonstrated a deep desire to be restored to his relationships and integrity of ministry. Will consistently sought and submitted to the guidance of the restoration team. The past year included well over one hundred hours of professional counseling, countless hours of conversations with the restoration team members, his friendship team members, and many, many more people who invested into Will’s recovery. He willingly refrained from his ministry endeavors to make necessary space for recovery, confession, and learning a rhythm of repentance and intimacy.

The Restoration Team has provided Will with vigorous and comprehensive support throughout this journey. With multiple counseling and coaching members, we have worked alongside Will to identify blind spots, address specific areas of concern, recognize areas of strength, and develop effective strategies for growth and development. We are confident that our efforts, along with Will's dedication, commitment, and submission to the process have resulted in a significant personal transformation. We believe that Will is equipped with the necessary tools, skills, and, more importantly, the right heart posture to effectively serve in a ministry role once again. Will has shown a deep understanding of the accountability required to regain the trust of colleagues, and we believe that he is well-prepared to move forward with renewed passion and purpose.

The Restoration Team’s endorsement of Will does not mean that care, accountability, and oversight have ended. Will has chosen to remain committed to an ongoing process of submission to a next version of his ongoing restoration community - a smaller group to function as an intimate advisory team that share the same values of the restoration team. Will has proven a deep commitment to continue to walk in close fellowship and submission to fellow believers, as we believe this is the model of Christian community designed by the Lord Jesus for every believer.

Grace and Peace in Jesus Christ our Lord, the Head of the Church,

Jimmy Dodd


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