Thanks for coming by the to get this free download. I hope you have a Vision Frame already. If not, it's time to get after it. Yet if you do, please follow my current reel series in Instagram entitled, The Five Linchpin Practices of Future Church Vision Framing.

In 2012, my dream was to reach 40,000 church teams with the Vision Frame. And by 2020 we did it! Three years ago, however I reinvented my toolbox. The first fruit of that work is the book Future Church which was completed one week before Covid closed our church doors. This month, 100 churches have gone through the completely redesigned process to get more break-through with relational disciple-making as they clarify and articulate their Vision Frame. If you are pressing into new strategies and improved disciple-making pathways, check it out at Will_be_clear.

Download the Vision Frame Cheat Sheet.

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