Now Booking LifePlans for 2024

Join me at my lakeside studio in Clear Lake for a break-thru experience of a lifetime.

After creating Younique over 10 years ago, I enjoy offering about a dozen LifePlans every year for ministry leaders individually or with their spouses. I've had the honor of serving some of our countries leading pastors and I would be delighted to serve you too.

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The Vision Frame Cheat Sheet

Get the Gold from 20 Years of Vision Consulting on this 5-Page PDF

The Vision Frame Cheat Sheet is my gift to you as I cover the 5 Linchpin Practices of Future Church Vision Framing in my Instagram Reel Series at Will_Be_Clear. Download it today for the definitions, metaphors, and key insights on how to lead with compelling clarity. There are five irreducible questions of leadership. Have you answered them?

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The Destiny Chapters FREE Download

You have a destiny. Are you attending to it?

Get my best thinking on capturing 100 of your Life Dreams, discerning your life's Ultimate Contribution and my favorite, but often neglected spiritual practice- the meditation on your death.

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New God Dreams Resources Released

I'm super stoked to give more training away than ever before

God Dreams has become a celebrated methodology for visionary planning in the church. I use the tools every day with pastors and I've certified literally hundreds of consultants with the tools.

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Words as Tools: Why You Need an Organizational Homily Not Just The Next Sermon

What if disciples need more that what you have planned in your next creative series?

Check out this overview of four master tools for church leadership. Each tool focuses on a different yet essential aspect of guiding God's people and shaping organizational culture. Each tool has a process behind it for teams to think and then articulate their particular gospel vision with clear and codified language.

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LIFE GOALS 101: 10 Life Hacks for Creating a Life Plan

An Overview of Essential Life Design Skill #5

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About Will

Would you like to fall in love with ministry again?

I want you and your ministry to experience the benefits of stunning, God-given clarity. As a pastor turned vision coach, I’ve worked with an unprecedented variety of churches from growing mega-churches and missional communities, to mainline revitalization and church plants. I started several interconnected organizations that help the church embody the movement that Jesus founded. My visionary planning tools, the Vision Frame and the Horizon Storyline, are used by thousands of churches every year through my calling to raise up other consultants and trainers. In 2004 I started Auxano, which I sold to LifeWay. In 2014, I founded Younique to deliver gospel-centered life design through the church. It is now the world's only comprehensive, open source, life planning system. In 2019, I founded Denominee to help networks and denominations reinvent how they bring value to the church. I've written seven books, including Future Church, Younique, Clarity Spiral, God Dreams, Innovating Discipleship, and Church Unique. I enjoy speaking about how to live a life of more meaningful progress. I live in Houston with my wife, Romy, and I have four children.

I currently work with a small group of churches and leaders. If you are interested in life planning or executive coaching individually or taking your church through a Vision Framing engagement based on Future Church, just reach out to set up a conversation.

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Will Mancini