Guests at Church: 10 Mind Blowing Facts

Church Guests: 10 Mind Blowing Facts to Fuel Your Hospitality Ministry

The importance of understanding church guests has grown every year as I consult with churches.  In fact, every month for over a decade, the Auxano team conducts multiple ministry observations during weekend services. We call it the Guest Perspective Evaluation. You might think of it as a #4 - Your guests represent step one of accomplishing the Great Commission- these are the people coming to you!  How much does your church spend on foreign missions? Compare that amount to how much we invest into the fish that swim to #8 - Building a great ministry to guests nourishes a culture of hospitality because of the concrete reminders to the entire congregation that guests matter. Think of your hospitality ministry as "missional training wheels" in your church. Focusing on welcoming reminds people [...]

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